To enjoy an event called FIFA 17, the Ultimate Team 8th anniversary FUT Birthday Celebration is likely to be launched on FUT soon, that will provide FIFA participants types of promotions. Inside our information, you can find all information about the FIFA 17 Birthday 8th Anniversary that is FUT out.

Let's get know all details about FIFA 17 FUT 8th Birthday Event through below FAQ:



What is the FIFA 17 FUT Birthday?

To celebrate the birth date of FIFA Ultimate Team, EA release exciting promotions into FUT every year!

When is the FIFA 17 FUT Birthday 8th Anniversary?

20 March (Monday) to 27 March 2017 (Monday), and it follows the FIFA 17 St. Patrick's Day Promotion which is celebrated every year on March 17th and two days prior to FUT's birthday.

What kinds of offers we can expect on FIFA 17 FUT Birthday?

The detailed offers have not been confirmed yet. But according the offers of previous FUT Birthday and FIFA 16 FUT Birthday promotion, we can expect following offers:

Free FUT Packs

Free packs to per account every day during the occasion, we have possibility to discover 15k, 7.5, 25k, 35k and 50k bags, as all these packs were available in FIFA 16 FUT Birthday, probably EA Sports will bring more surprise to participants

FUT Packs Offers and Lighting Round

Every 8 hours, new specific packs featuring all-the common pack kinds can be found on FUT merchants, In FIFA 16 FUT Birthday, there have been 1.8k Quality Bronze Players Bags, 7k Premium Magic Players Packages, 25k Premium Gold Players Bags, 25k Exceptional Gold Pack, 35k Mega-Packs, 50k Unusual People Bags and 100k Jumbo Rare People Packages.

Daily Player SBC

In the last FUT Birthday Celebration, Online & Offline included events were launched to people with good benefits. But in 2013, we do think all of the events will soon be replaced by featured Group Building Problems, maybe we are able to have daily SBCs.

Position Changes Cards

Global positional change cards of some participants playing well in another position to their time 1 card (team position) are introduced changing the individual normal card during during the anniversary.

Will any market crash happen to FIFA 17 8th FUT Birthday?

Yes, but there's no big market crash. Charges could usually trend 5-10% decrease on the St. Patrick's Evening and FUT Birthday promotions. Particularly on times if the finest free bags are released, the purchase price shed more than 15%, you can purchase some cards and offer them at March's end. Or you can provide this weekend, or till evening prior to the value go down.

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